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Sea Archer

Sea Archer® Hawaiian Sling V2

Sea Archer® Hawaiian Sling V2

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Sea Archer Hawaiian Sling  (version 2) comes fully assembled and ready to use!

Includes: fully rigged sling, patented (self grasping) spear cup, our standard "Heavy" band, two band plugs, band plug tool and includes our new heavy duty boat bag with stainless cord lock... (LMS, reel, shaft and slide ring are not included)

All Sea Archers are fully upgradeable for use with our LMS (Line Management System) which allows for direct tether, or tether with reel, or tether with float line. For all lined set ups, we recommend a 9/32" tandem slide ring shaft for use with our LMS. (please see FAQ "spears" for more information)

New design allows for quick and thorough fresh water flush.

Sea Archer will work with all traditional shaft diameters (1/4", 17/64", 9/32", 19/64" & 5/16").  We prefer the smaller diameters... less than 5/16".

All Sea Archers and accessories are designed to accommodate right or left handed people.

Sea Archer - The finest Hawaiian Sling you can own!  (Pat. 9316458)

(Sea Archer, like all true Hawaiian Slings, has no trigger... and is therefore legal to use anywhere that non-triggered spearfishing devices are allowed.)

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