Sea Archer® is the first complete archery-style Hawaiian sling.                                 


(US Patent 9316458,  LMS -line management system- Patent Pending) 


Nearly 50 years of South Florida diving experience spanning 3 generations has led to a concept that is simple, effective and lots of fun.


Experience Underwater Archery with the first true underwater bow designed for spearfishing!



You hold and draw the Sea Archer hawaiian sling like a traditional bow - no more uncomfortable or awkward elbow torquing - or having to grasp the spear, spear cup, and bands all at one time. Instead, when you hold the Sea Archer, it is held vertically. The only thing limiting the power of the shot is your strength - not how much your wrist or elbow can take.  The drawing back motion is natural - just like an archer!

And drawing the spear - (any standard hawaiian sling spear shaft: 1/4", 17/64", 9/32", 19/64" & 5/16") - is a dream. One finger above the cup - and one finger below - and you just draw back like you would a nocked arrow in traditional archery.

The magic is in Sea Archer's patented self-grasping spear cup. It holds the spear in place before and during the draw! No more "a hand full of everything" like all of the other hawaiian slings. This all leads to tremendous power, accuracy, and fun!


"The word elegant means "of fine quality"... refinement and simplicity are implied, rather than fussiness, or ostentation. An elegant solution is one in which the maximum desired effect is achieved with the simplest form. Engineers seek an elegant solution as a means of solving a problem with the least possible waste of materials and complexity."  At Sea Archer, we strive for elegance!



All Sea Archer Hawaiian Slings are made in the USA


(Sea Archer, like all true Hawaiian Slings, has no trigger... and is therefore legal to use anywhere that non-triggered spearfishing devices are allowed.)

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