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Sea Archer

Sea Archer® LMS - Line Management System

Sea Archer® LMS - Line Management System

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Sea Archer LMS - for version 2 only(Pat. Pending) - allows for a controlled managed tethering system for a lined spear -  (designed for use with a hawaiian sling shaft with a slide ring - not included)

It can be set up independently as a direct tether, or along with a reel for deep reef, or along with a break-away float line rig for blue water - (reel and float line clip sold separately). Finally a complete managed line system for a hawaiian sling! No more loose dangling line, to interfere with your shot, or get in your way. (For LMS use, we prefer a 9/32" shaft with tandem slide ring... please see FAQ "spears" for more information.)

The entire system allows for quick attach and quick removal, and requires no tools. (Mounts right or left handed.)

Includes: LMS line bar, all hardware, Sea Archer reel mount with dedicated stainless screws, ball bearing snap swivel for reel or float line, non-tangling and non-kinking spectra line, and stainless ring... slide ring not included

(We do not recommend the use of stiff or "Stiffy" spectra line with our LMS. It tends to kink or tangle with an LMS system.)

(Reel mount will accommodate our own 30m reel as well as many other reels - including Rob Allen Vecta - that use standard dovetail mounts.)

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